We grind crankshaft journals to OE or customer spec, whether machining only rod journals, or the entire crankshaft. Our process results often in reaching better than OE condition since the tolerances on some OE cranks actually show variation from their own specs.

Magnetic inspection

We can inspect your expensive race crank for cracks to help avoid future failures. We use magnetic particle inspection under black light on your crankshaft to check it over, especially critical areas, to see if engine stress has already left its mark.


We provide nitriting service for hardening crankshafts heading into performance applications.

Snout and keyway work

Photo of finished main journal
Photo of finised main journal

We can modify crank snouts that are damaged, add keyways, or repair threads.


We can balance your rotating assembly so all the parts operate smoothly and eliminate as much vibration as possible. We can work with bob weights you provide, or weigh the parts you provide.

​Welding and Straightening

We can weld up damaged or undersize journals for reginding to the desired size. Welded cranks are peened to relieve stress from the welding. We can also check and correct a crank for straightness.